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M&J International Freight Ltd was founded in 1984 by Jim Scott and Mike Lepine to provide a reliable International freight forwarding service.  From this modest start, the company has grown to offer a comprehensive Domestic, European and Worldwide freight service.

"From day one, customer satisfaction has been the driving force behind the company.  Today this ethos is stronger than ever.  A recent industry survey has shown that a staggering 68% of business is lost because of an indifferent attitude to customers and their needs. This has never been, or ever will be the case at M&J.  It is an ethos which helped enable us to celebrate 25 years in the business during 2009, and which means that we can look to the future with confidence."  Jim Scott - Chairman.

M&J International Freight Ltd    Unit 1 Davey Road    Willowbrook Industrial Estate    Corby    Northants    NN17 5XX
TEL: 01536 400040        FAX: 01536 400960        E-MAIL: info@mj-intfreight.co.uk